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It’s always a pleasure to work with a producer that is not only passionate about his product, but also understands the ingredients and the complexity of production.
Paul Peguero grew up in a family of pistachio growers, and today he is not only selling California pistachios, but he has created one of the most delicious and cleanest products made out of fresh pistachios. His kitchen is completely clean of any other nut contamination, so if you or your customers are allergic to other nuts but not pistachios, this is the cleanest product out there.
This year, 2021, pistachios are finally seeing the light of interest . The interest is there, even Starbucks jumped on that trend and offers a pistachio latte this winter.
If you ask, “What’s all this fuss about ?”, there are several reason for the revival of those delicious nuts.
First of all, there are many studies that have proved the cardiovascular benefits for those that consume pistachios on a daily basis. And knowing that The Pistachio Factory butter contains 100% pistachios and nothing else ,( ok, you do have the salted variant), we can assure you that one serving of this superfood, contains :

So if you don’t know, now you know! And you will also understand why those KETO diet fans  are obsessed with pistachios. In one ounce of pistachios (about 49 nuts) you will find 6g of  filling protein. These nuts are perfectly fine to snack on and give you the most bang for your  buck.  

Ok and now to the best part – “FLAVOR” ! 

Great artisanal food products are great for a few reasons, and for many flavor might be the  most important.  

The Pistachio Factory’s slow, stone ground butter is the creamiest it can be. There is no need  for any additives or emulsifiers, the flavors speak for themselves. And if you have ever tried  Italian gelato before, you probably can’t imagine a real Italian ice cream store without  pistachio ice cream . 

Check out our recipes for the best pistachio ice cream that you can make at home (with no ice  cream machine 😉 on our The Pistachio Factory Wholesale page. So easy to make. 

We hope that after reading this post about pistachios and The Pistachio Factory Butter you  will not hesitate, but give it a try and add our product to your must have list.