Interested in selling your product to retailers in Northern California?

Partner with West Coast AGAVE

Frequently Asked Questions

Any producer of artisanal food made in Northern California can inquire to be represented by West Coast AGAVE. We specialize in the promotion and distribution of product from small, family-owned companies that are ready to expand and connect with independent retailers in Northern California

When you partner with us you are saving time on deliveries and money on shipping. We collect orders from multiple retailers and deliver goods to them at no additional cost. This way you gain more time to focus on production and the business side of your company.

No problem, if you are overwhelmed with sales responsibilities and want to make sure that the accounts are being maintained and checked on regularly, just let us handle that. But if you feel that you have established a valuable relationship with those retailers, there is no problem with excluding it from our delivery zone. You can exclude an individual account or a whole county if that is your preference. We are very flexible and will work with the needs of your growing company.

Definitely! We proudly represent unique artisanal food producers and will do our best not only to get in and establish relationships with independent retailers, but we will help you build brand awareness and assure that your product sells to the customers in those regions. 

By partnering with West Coast AGAVE you are becoming part of an artisanal food producer family. We are here to support each other and share our knowledge with you.