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Each of the Off The Hook salt varieties is a mineral-dense combination of Mediterranean sea salt, Himalayan salt, and red and black Hawaiian sea salt infused with essential oil flavors. For example: Pico de Gallo is a mix of black pepper, cilantro and lime essential oils, and the Citrus blend uses orange, lemon and lime.So much fragrance in just a little pinch.

The use of essential oils gains popularity with every year. While there is still not enough research on effectiveness of essential oils, some studies have shown that they might have health benefits. Sarah Spencer is a big time essential oil enthusiast and expert. She understands the essences of the natural oils found in plants and how to use them in the kitchen, just like we use vanilla or almond extract.

Adding small amounts of essential oils to your recipes can really boost the flavor and positive health impact of many foods. So naturally salt will be a perfect carrier of the extract since you never need more than a pinch while preparing your dishes.

Corina recommends to use them with fresh, local seafood. Even the smallest amount rubbed in your favorite piece of fresh catch will cary the flavor into the dish while the salt is being absorbed by the moisture.
Exotic flavors like THAI, ITALIAN or PICO DE GALLO can be created this way with minimum effort.
Please see our recipes for more recommendations.