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When we first met Rashmi it was during a holiday demo event in the Bay Area shortly before the pandemic hit our region. She demonstrated how to quickly prepare her flavorful ginger chai tea and right then we knew this is a fantastic product perfect for any speciality food store.

Golden Elixir Chai offers traditional Indian instant tea, flavored with fresh and aromatic spices that can be quickly prepared at home or on the go. Rashmi introduced us to chai that is bright and flavorful, has no added sugar or dairy, and can be prepared without sipping or steaming. A very convenient way especially when you are busy rushing through your day.

Rashmi is a hands-on woman entrepreneur and you can trust that the ingredients are selected carefully in her motherland before arriving in California to be blended and packaged in sustainable tin containers. Each tea comes with a small bamboo scoop and serves 50 small cups. All your customers will need is hot boiling water, but they can add their own sweetener and creamer if they wish. Golden Elixir Chai was started with passion shortly after Rashmi had her second daughter. These days both girls love to help with the family business. They are talented product designers, do graphic design, help pack small samples to hand out to the customers and help mom take care of a little brother.
When you purchase products from Golden Elixir Chai you are supporting a family dream and offering your customers a deliciously balanced all-natural chai.