Carmel Berry Co. – created by Katie and Ben Reneker, enthusiasts of clean  ingredients, gourmet food, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. They handcraft  small batch syrups and preserves made from elderberries and elderflowers,  packed with vitamins and antioxidants…. Carmel Berry Co. Elderberry products are  California’s first made out of American elderberries ( Sambucus) organically grown on  small farms. Fresh, bright flavors, and colors that are perfect for creating summer  refreshments and cocktails. From the start this company was recognized for their  sustainable production and won the Green Label @ the GOOD FOOD AWARDS.

For centuries, communities across the globe have utilized the elderberry for its potent nutritional benefits. Containing even more antioxidants than the blueberry, elderberry is a nutrient-dense source of vitamins and minerals, genuinely “Nature’s most delicious medicine.”  

Elderberries contain the sweet, round, robust and recognizable flavor of a berry, but with a tart, native edge that transforms the mundane to magnificent.  

Distinctive but not acquired, the elderberry has a versatile allure that will delight kids and impress colleagues. If you like to learn more visit 

Perhaps humanity’s first cultivated herb, the elderflower’s presence in medicine dates back to the stone age. Packed with phytonutrients that may provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties,  elderflower is traditionally used to treat respiratory ailments and arthritis. Recent studies have shown significant effectiveness against serious hospital pathogens such as MRSA.  

Prince Harry and Megan Markle, London pastry chef Claird Ptak soaked sponge cake in elderflower syrup and layered it with lemon curd. It was iced with Swiss meringue buttercream infused with elderflower cordial.  This “non-traditional” royal wedding cake modernized culinary tradition.