West Coast AGAVE is a Central Coast distributor and broker of artisanal food products created by local makers. We proudly support small family owned businesses that offer unique and delicious food items. We stand for health, clean nutrition, community, and partnership. Shop with us and watch your community grow stronger while supporting your local economy.

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You can't buy happiness but you can buy local, and that's kind of the same.


West Coast AGAVE proudly represents:

Carmel Berry Company

Created by Katie and Ben Reneker, enthusiasts of clean ingredients, gourmet food, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. They are handcrafting small batch syrups and preserves made from elderberries and elderflowers, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. 

The Honey Ladies

Wendy Towner learned how to take care of bees when she was just a little girl. Nowadays her mission is to save Bay Area Bees from extinction. When unwanted colonies are found she will collect the bees and relocate them to farms on the Central Coast of California. Enjoy her honey and help save more bee hives! 

ETTO Pacifico

Pasta made in California from organic ingredients by the Terrizzi family, using artisanal Italian bronze dies. A truly delicious textured pasta that can be easily prepared al dente. Always fresh, with a long shelf life that maintains flavor, texture and nutrients. 12grams of protein per 100g serving make for a complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index.

The Golden Elixer Chai

Woman owned business. It’s founder Rashmi Kapoor strives to make delicious chai blends with simple and clean ingredients. Non GMO & Kosher, sustainably packaged instant teas. 

ALMA Superfoods

All natural nut butter created locally with a passion for Latin flavors by Guilianna Glassman, the daughter of a fine Peruvian caterer . You will not find palm oil, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, only the highest grade ingredients and ancient spices from Latin America in her delicious spreads and sauce

The Pistachio Factory

Pistachio butters made out of nuts grown on a 500 acre family owned Central Coast orchard. Paul Peguero not only understands how to grow California pistachios, but also knows many ways to enjoy these delicious and nutritious nuts.

43 Ranch

Greg Traynor, master miller and owner of family farm, 43 Ranch, always delivers world class olive oil. Hand picked in the morning air, cold pressed within hours, true California EVOO.

What Our Partners Say

What do I love about working with West Coast Agave? It's the hands-on relationship-based model that makes this service so valuable to the brands like mine that she represents and the buyers in the retail locations.


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