West Coast AGAVE is a Central Coast distributor and broker of artisanal food products created by local makers. We proudly support small family owned businesses that offer unique and delicious food items. We stand for health, clean nutrition, community, and partnership. Shop with us and watch your community grow stronger while supporting your local economy.

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You can't buy happiness but you can buy local it's kind of the same


WCA Family of Producers 2020

Carmel Berry Company
43 Ranch artisan foods
Alma Foods Fine foods

Carmel Berry Co. – created by Katie and Ben Reneker, enthusiasts of clean ingredients, gourmet food, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. They are handcrafting small batch syrups and preserves made from elderberries and elderflowers, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. (….. to find out more or place your order ….)

 43 Ranch – Greg Traynor, master miller and owner of family farm, 43 Ranch, always delivers world class olive oil. Hand picked in the morning air, cold pressed within hours, true California EVOO. (….. to find out more or place your order ….)